OpenSwap in conjunction with Harmony will strive to fulfill the mission statement of creating a “radically fairer economy”. Our goal is to provide the tightest markets with the best available fills on all Layer 1 pairs in DeFi. Creating a liquid marketplace for everyone to move from chain to chain with our simplified bridges. Helping Harmony become a global hub for cross chain transactions.

One of our largest goals is to accomplish the vision of Harmony’s founder Stephen Tse. We are working to provide Decentralized Basic income for the people of the world. Utilizing Harmony’s staking platform combined with our liquidity pools we will bring 20% yields to single staking on Harmony, helping provide financial freedom for billions worldwide.

OpenSwap strives for a simple elegance in design. Mixed with our fundamentals, you will see the true vision of OpenSwap.


The wallet being created will allow for multiple integrations, such as staking balances, liquidity pool balances, lending/ borrowing balances and a highly anticipated on ramp off ramp that will function similar to Apple pay or Google pay. Bridging DeFi and the real economy will be one of the most powerful tools OpenSwap can provide to tangibly change peoples lives in the real world on a day to day basis.


At the farm you can participate in providing liquidity to the marketplace for people to swap from token to token, in doing so you will be compensated by the yearly interest rate displayed on each pool. Understanding risks and benefits of joining an LP pool is important. Pools that have coins that will rise in value together plus the fees collected can be very lucrative but coins that have some probability of going to 0 have impermanent loss associated with them. That is a large reason why OpenSwap is aiming to be a hub for larger layer 1 coins to help our community earn a fair rate of return while maintaining the safest possible principal maintenance. Not to say there is no risk so please do your own research.


As Harmony continues to build bridges to more and more layer 1 block chains OpenSwap will be here to help simplify the bridging process. Our custom bridges will link to the Harmony bridges but simplify the process for the end user. This will attract more users from other chains to participate in the OpenSwap ecosystem thus helping support price and liquidity.


At OpenSwap we understand that liquidity is king, being able to move from market to market quickly with tight markets and low fees is what is going to bridge the world of Crypto. We are going to be tip of the spear by not only providing the opportunity to join LP pools but doing cross chain and local chain arbitrage with our custom bots being created. This will create tighter markets industry wide and also give OpenSwap users the ability to do things that have only been available to big institutions and the tech savvy. We believe the OpenSwap community will grow and flourish if we provide an open source to the best technology.


Our single stake platforms for $OpenX and $ONE will offer options of less yield but not have impermanent loss risk associated with them. We will also be rolling out our lending and borrowing platform that will allow you to borrow against your stake without losing your position or giving up your rewards. This will be a new way of compounding money that will be made possible by building a strong network of trust and competence. We are exploring every way our community can safely leverage their assets to provide a better life for themselves and their family.


At OpenSwap, we understand the importance our community plays in the sustainability of our project. A governance token will allow users to vote on the direction of future enhancements and provide feedback as we grow together.

Your money, Your rewards

On OpenSwap, you will never receive unnecessary fees to control your funds. There is only one fee on OpenSwap; each token swap will be subject to 0.30 % fee ( 0.15% toward burning OpenX and 0.15% distributed to LP providers). It will be divided equally between being distributed to the LP providers and the burn pool. This provides additional incentive for the customers who provide liquidity as well as a vital aspect to our tokenomics. With OpenSwap, there are ZERO fees for staking a LP and ZERO fees for unstaking a LP. All rewards on OpenSwap are unlocked and available to the end user immediately upon claiming. Your money, your rewards. There is a trend in crypto of inflating APRs on staking by locking rewards or charging fees to stake / unstake LPs. Be cautious of chasing crazy APRs; everything has a price.


Security has and will always be one of the top priorities for OpenSwap. Crypto has become an industry where cautionary tales or rug-pulls are becoming more and more frequent. Decentralized finance was not built to inject fear into those using it; it was meant to provide freedom and flexibility. Every user of OpenSwap deserves to sleep at night knowing their funds are safe. Through audits, precautions, and education; OpenSwap is determined to keep security at the forefront of our every action we do.

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