Metamask Wallet

Metamask Setup

To use the many features offered by the OpenSwap dApp, you must have MetaMask set up on the Harmony network and connected to the site. MetaMask is available as a browser extension and mobile app that acts as a wallet and secure login.

If you have experience using MetaMask, simply connect your MetaMask using the orange “Connect MetaMask” button on the top right corner of the site.

For those new to DeFi or using MetaMask, please use our simple guide below.

Setting Up MetaMask for New Users

Installing and setting up MetaMask is simple.

1. Install: Click here to install MetaMask to your browser or mobile device.

2. Setup Your Wallet: Follow MetaMask’s instructions on creating a new wallet.

3. Proceed to the instructions in the next section!

Connecting MetaMask to the Harmony Network

MetaMask is automatically set up to the Ethereum network, so we will have to add the Harmony Mainnet in order to use OpenSwap.

OpenSwap makes it easy to connect to your MetaMask and start trading. You have two ways to connect:

Automatic Connection:

You can automatically connect your MetaMask to the Harmony Mainnet by clicking the “Utilities” tab and at the top of the page under “Metamask RPCs For Harmony” pressing the “Add Mainnet RPC Shard 0” button.

Important: Right now you can only use OpenSwap on Shard 0.

For safety, please be sure to check that the values in the corresponding MetaMask window match the values listed below in the ‘Manual Connection’ section.

Manual Connection:

Follow these steps to connect the Harmony Mainnet to MetaMask:

1. Go to the drop down, select “Custom RPC”.

2. Enter the following information into the Custom RPC form:

Network Name: Harmony Mainnet


Chain ID: 1666600000

Currency Symbol: ONE

Block Explorer URL:

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