Safety and Security

Crypto Safety

  1. When creating a wallet, keep a copy of your security key private and do not share them with any one.

  2. Store your security key! If you lose you security keys, you may lose access to your crypto.

  3. When in chat rooms, very rarely will a moderator or team member DM you directly. Any direct DM should be met with scrutiny.

  4. Be cautious when granting sites access to your wallet. Research and trust the sites you approve your wallet to interact with.

Tips for PC security

  1. Use an actual antivirus (Recommended: BitDefender, Kaspersky, ESET...)

  2. Use MalwareBytes (Scanning for threats, viruses, keyloggers...)

  3. Use a different browser/account/OS for your Crypto

  4. NoScript add-on on Firefox (NoScript BLOCKS all scripts, making your browser extremely secure, virtually untouchable - THIS WILL LIKELY BREAK MOST WEBSITES, Whitelist websites you trust and use regularly, including DEXes)

  5. Uninstall unnecessary applications, with a software that can remove all of its leftovers (uninstall especially illegally obtained, 'cracked' software) and browser add-ons you use next to MetaMask (All of those might be snooping on your keystrokes and even execute scripts, draining your funds without having your seed phrase!)

  6. Don't let your children use your PC or account

  7. Do NOT use your wallet with other applications running and add-ons enabled

  8. If you're using MetaMask on Brave, Chrome or Opera. Right-click on MetaMask and select "This can read and change site data", choose "When you click the extension"

  9. If you're COPYING and PASTING addresses, DOUBLE-CHECK, if it's the address you copied (Malwares can replace addresses you copied with a different one. Do NOT copy-paste passwords)

  10. Do NOT store passwords, nor seeding phrases digitally! (Use a pen and make several copies of your passwords, store them in different, SECURE places, preferably in a bag that will hold off moisture)

  11. Bookmark your frequented sites and keep in-check with their groups (Site COULD get DNS-hijacked, replaced with a malicious one, draining your funds the moment you allow the malicious site to access your wallet)

  12. DOUBLE-CHECK if apps you're installing and websites you're visiting are REAL

  13. Do NOT use SMS authentication! Use Google or Authy for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) (SMS authentication has and will keep on being exploited for hackers, so-called SIM swapping)

  14. Use a different e-mail for your crypto accounts. Another, different e-mail for CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap accounts

  15. Admins will NOT be contacting you first! Not on Discord, not on Telegram, not anywhere!

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