Unique Elegant Design. Ultimate Security. High Reward Staking. Open Liquidity Pools.

OpenSwap is a DeFi protocol on the Harmony network providing easy ways for users to trade, provide liquidity, yield farming capabilities, and a cross-chain tools for bridging the Harmony, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain networks.

OpenSwap takes the best from existing DeFi products (SushiSwap, UniSwap) and pairs that with a fresh and innovative approach to the DeFi experience. Never before has the world of decentralized finance been simpler, more efficient, transparent, and accessible.

OpenSwap leverages the simplicity, speed, and low transaction fees of the Harmony Blockchain with a first-of-a-kind approach to DeFi, aiming to be the best exchange in the Harmony ecosystem. Put Simply - OpenSwap is an entirely community-driven product on the Harmony Network that connects users with everything they need to invest, trade, earn passive income through staking, and bridge tokens across several different blockchains.

OpenSwap is the first product of the Open Finance Project, which seeks to increase access to the world of DeFi through powerful and easy-to-use tools while offering high rewards for liquidity providers.

What is the Open Finance (OpenFi) Project?

The Open Finance Project is a first-of-its-kind product on the Harmony network which will open the doors to the world of DeFi banking outside of institutions. OpenFi utilizes the lightning fast, trustless, and permissionless capabilities of the Harmony blockchain and smart contracts to provide users with finance tools not currently available in most of the cryptocurrency space, including an NFC/payment system.

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