OpenSwap University

Have you considered branching out into decentralized finance on the Harmony network but don’t know where to begin? The barriers of entry for DeFi can be significant for new users. To simplify the process, we created a series of introductory articles for those starting out. The series is called OpenSwap University and will focus on assisting people in their DeFi journey on Harmony and OpenSwap.

Why Harmony? How about 2 second transactions that cost a fraction of a penny. For newcomers to the DeFi world, it allows you to play around with transactions and waste a portion of your portfolio just on fees.

Why OpenSwap? It is a decentralized exchange that focuses on security, a unique elegant design, and lucrative farming.

OpenSwap University

OpenSwap University 101: Getting started on Harmony An introductory guide on setting up a wallet on Harmony, transferring ONE, adding OpenX tokens to your wallet, and connecting to OpenSwap.

OpenSwap University 102: How to trade tokens An introductory guide on executing a trade on OpenSwap

OpenSwap University 103: How to farm crypto An introductory guide for farming crypto on OpenSwap

OpenSwap University 104: Setting up a Harmony wallet and staking $ONE An introductory guide to the Harmony Browser Wallet, Harmony Staking site, and OpenSwap Validator

OpenSwap University 201: Bridging tokens on Harmony An introductory guide to bridging tokens using OpenSwap's $ONE click bridge

OpenSwap University 202: Compounding Crypto Compounding rewards is a strategy allowing you to increase your return percent with little effort. This article dives in compounding crypto.

Additional Articles about DeFi, Harmony, and OpenSwap

Liquidity: The building blocks of decentralized finance Liquidity plays an integral part in the health of a decentralized exchange. It is equally important for the customer and the dex.

OpenSwap Video Guides

What is MetaMask? A quick video discussing what MetaMask is, it's interaction with a blockchain and more.

Creating a MetaMask wallet Guide to downloading and setting up a MetaMask wallet. Never share or lose your seed phrase, you will lose access to your account and assets.

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